Judd Vowell was a working musician and songwriter before turning his creative side to fiction. When he dove into the research for his new book Powder House, he got more than he bargained for, including a visit from the long-dead grandfather he never met. Through it all – from befriending a real-life medium to following the breadcrumbs fate dropped for him along the way – Judd discovered writing is a process that offers many gifts. Even ghost stories.

Judd’s writing journey started four years ago when he wrote and published the first book in the Overthrown trilogy, what he now likes to call his three “practice books.” The experience began as a challenge for the former musician, to see if he could write a novel.

While those early efforts garnered a small following, Judd recognized that he needed help to grow as a writer. He found it in the guidance of a dedicated book coach who leads a weekly writing group, where he learned the conventions, expectations, and craft for writing a commercially viable book. To this day, he’s thankful for the early readers of the Overthrown series, who gave him the confidence to keep writing, and for the members of his writing group, who encouraged him through the many drafts it took to make this novel the best book it could be. His next goal? Publishing Powder House with a traditional publisher and making it a commercial success.

Judd lives with his eight-year-old son Charlie. He counts himself lucky in one regard – neither of them scares easy. Otherwise, those bumps in the night in a house where more than one person has died might have them seeing ghosts.



Julie Danner believed leaving home, finding independence, and starting her career in journalism would silence the voices causing her to question her own sanity. But when her wheelchair-bound dad calls, asking for help with Julie’s deranged mother, she’s forced to go back home and confront a woman she’d hoped to never see again – and if that weren’t bad enough, her new house may be haunted. As a journalist, Julie brushes off the paranormal visitations as coincidence, but eventually curiosity takes hold, driving her to discover the terrible thing that happened in the house long ago. When a medium warns her that the ghost is trying to send her a message, Julie realizes the answers she’s looking for may lay in her own DNA.


Every house tells a story, and every family has a history – and Julie can't stop what happens when the two collide.

Judd's agent is shopping Powder House to editors.



A global blackout...a stranded family's dying mother...
and a rescue that leads to the war for survival...

"Overthrown sets a story of the bond between father and kids against a background of cyberterrorism and global doom. You'll come to like Gordon, his twin children, and maybe even some of the terrorists." 

 - Lady Smith,
The Snail on the Wall book blog

"Overthrown is simply fantastic. Reminded me a lot of Stephen King's The Stand. Didn't want it to end and hope there are more in this series! I would highly recommend it for your next read." 

- Robert Bailey,
author of The Professor, Between Black and White,
and The Last Trial

"The writing is excellent and I was hooked from the first page. The only bad thing, the world Vowell created is a little too easy to envision and find plausible."

- Tracey Fortkamp, Instagram book blogger @sobookinggood

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