Julie Danner believed leaving home, finding independence, and starting her career in journalism would silence the voices causing her to question her own sanity. But when her wheelchair-bound dad calls, asking for help with Julie’s deranged mother, she’s forced to go back home and confront a woman she’d hoped to never see again – and if that weren’t bad enough, her new house may be haunted. As a journalist, Julie brushes off the paranormal visitations as coincidence, but eventually curiosity takes hold, driving her to discover the terrible thing that happened in the house long ago. When a medium warns her that the ghost is trying to send her a message, Julie realizes the answers she’s looking for may lay in her own DNA.


Every house tells a story, and every family has a history – and Julie can't stop what happens when the two collide.


SANDRA O'DONNELL -- sandra@roliterary.com

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