Julie Danner has been running away from home for nine years. She hoped leaving small-town Hopes Ridge and starting a career in journalism would silence the voices in her head causing her to question her own sanity. But when her wheelchair-bound dad calls, asking for help with her unraveling mother, she's forced to go back home and confront the woman she hoped to never see again.


If returning home weren't bad enough, the house Julie moves back to may be haunted. At first, she tries to ignore the signs. But Julie soon discovers that she has an ability more powerful than mere intuition - the other side is desperately trying to send her a message. The clues start to add up, to reveal a horrible truth about what happened inside Julie's house long ago, and just how connected to the violent and evil past she might be.


While a serial killer still lurks, Julie moves from skeptic to believer, and from journalist to cold-case investigator, enlisting her retired cop father to hunt down a murderer who may be closer than she thinks. Inside Powder House hides the stink of betrayal, lust, and a love twisted beyond anything natural - but will Julie uncover it all before it's too late?